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Biodynamic winery

"Agriculture is an adaptation of nature for man and not by man. »
"Agriculture is an adaptation of nature for man and not by man. »
A committed winemaker


Jean-Charles Abbatucci is a biodynamic and committed winemaker.   According to him, a vineyard must be considered as a whole – as a living organism capable of following its own evolution. The holistic approach of our Corsican estate obliges us to take into account all the elements that go into responsible viticulture: the climate, the mineral, the plant, the animal and the human.
Corsican winemaker committed to biodynamics | Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Biodynamics, a philosophy
It was the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, an alternative thinker, who invented a new way of growing crops based on the benefits of cosmic forces. For us, biodynamics imposes a philosophy of life, for oneself but also, and above all, at the service of nature and its cultivation.
Biodynamics, a philosophy | Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Supreme nature


Since the year 2000 at the Abbatucci estate …  We have seen our vineyard as a living being. Cultivated soil is not simply a medium for the vine, but a living environment and a source of energy for the plant. The teams of the winery strive to preserve the original and specific flavours of the Corsican terroir, taking into consideration nature and soils.   The benefits observed … The use of herbal and mineral preparations, as well as the consideration of lunar rhythms allow us to support a good vegetative process, thereby limiting the development of parasites and other diseases. This agriculture, which has been worked on and refined for nearly a century, today allows us to better understand the living earth and respect for the environment: the result is a healthy and balanced grape production which, once vinified, transcribes all the aromas of the Corsican maquis (immortelle, myrtle, fennel and wild lavender).
A biodynamic winery working to the rhythm of nature | Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Animal & Plant

"Agriculture is an adaptation of nature for man and not by man.  »

The symbiosis between animal and plant is essential for sustainable agriculture. Draught horses and sheep therefore coexist on the estate.    Faster, more delicate and less polluting than a tractor, working with horses avoids soil compaction. This promotes microbial life. By continuing this practice inherited from our ancestors, a real ecosystem has regained possession of the estate.   The sheep, treated through homeopathy and in respect for biodynamics, live on the estate. This offers several advantages: grass maintenance, supply of organic material, etc. Their presence also encourages the growth of certain plants which are beneficial to the environment.
Sheep in the biodynamic winery | Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Working with horses in the biodynamic winery | Domaine Comte Abbatucci
Lunar rhythms & preparations


The Domaine Abbatucci considers the influence of the moon. Adapting and carrying out our growing methods according to lunar and planetary rhythms, attracting cosmic forces to energise plants, soils and, as a consequence, cultivation: these are the main assets. At the winery, the work and treatment of vines is organised in accordance with the lunar calendar recommended by the pioneer of biodynamic agriculture, Maria Thun.  Preparations based on plants and minerals strengthen the composting process and support the defence and development of plantations.
The lunar rhythm in the biodynamic winery | Domaine Comte Abbatucci
A winery working to the rhythm of the moon | Domaine Comte Abbatucci